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Whether you are a hunter of elk, hog, antelope, exotics, or our infamous white-tail deer, you can be confident that Hog Bottom Creek Custom Meats will process your meat with the utmost attention and care in our clean and modern facility. We guarantee that the game you bring us is what is used to make the exceptional products we are known for. We stand behind our products using our old-world Hungarian recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Providing custom meat processing for:

  • Nooner Ranch
    D’Hanis, TX
  • Bobcat Ridge Hunting Club
    Palestine, TX
  • Birch Creek Ranch
    Oakwood, TX
  • Pate Ranch
    Buffalo, TX
  • Atock Ranch
    Palestine, TX

Standard Processing Fees

Whole Deer
Deer, Quartered
Whole Hog (Up To 150lbs)
Hog, Quartered (Up to 150lbs)
Hogs Over 150lbs
Call for quote Price per lb
De-boned Meat
No fee

What does the Standard Processing Fee include?

Skin, Quarter, De-bone, Grind (Burger), Tenderize Steaks, and Vacuum Seal

Additional Fees for Making Products Using Your Meat

Includes ground pork and prices are subject to current market values

Breakfast Sausage
Spicy Breakfast Sausage
Smoked Links (Regular)
Smoked Links (Jalapeno & Cheese or Jalapeno & Green Onion)
Summer Sausage (Regular)
Summer Sausage (Jalapeno & Cheese or Pepper Jack)
Pig Sticks (Regular)
Pig Sticks (Jalapeno & Cheese or Pepper Jack)
Beef Trim (Not Beef Fat)

Have something in mind that isn't listed? Don't hesitate to ask us, the word "Custom" is in our name for a reason.

We also cater to those who may have certain health restrictions and may need a lower fat content or any allergies to certain spices. We are happy to work with you to meet your meat's needs.


Hog Bottom Creek Custom Meats only makes products out of wild game that the customer brings in. We do require your game to be properly field dressed and tagged when applicable, and we reserve the right to refuse any meat that is not up to our standards. We adhere to Texas state law, as well as other states where the game may have been harvested.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our policies. We thank you for your understanding.