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Frequently Asked Questions

What preservatives do we use?

Hog Bottom Creek is happy to supply you with preservative free meats.

Do you use liquid smoke?

Liquid smoke doesn’t even come into a half of a mile radius of our facility. The smoke taste is genuinely from the slow smoke hickory wood we use in our smokehouses.

Do you mix different meats from different customers’ orders?

Never. We keep every customer’s wild game in separate containers with an ID tag so as to never get any orders mixed up. You can be sure that you are receiving your wild game that was dropped off to us and processed solely for you.

What are the sausage products mixed with?

In order to account for a nice flavorful bite to all of our products, pork is used in our blend in order to meet the proper ratio of having enough fat so our products are not dried out.

Do you sell venison products?

We do not sell wild venison as it is considered property of the state the game was acquired. We are in the process of working towards selling farm-raised venison. Please check back in the near future.

Can customers request their products to have a certain blend of spices or heat?

Yes, customers can request any specific flavoring of heat, spice, garlic, salt, or other addition that they desire.