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Hog Bottom Creek Custom Meats is family owned and has been operated for over 15 years. Ron first became inspired as a child when he spent summers growing up with his grandpa who was a professional butcher. Emigrated from Hungary in 1907, John Hoffman came to the US like many others, in search of a new life and opportunity. Working aside his “Pops,” Ron learned the ways of the butcher brought from the old country: from slaughtering and dressing to custom building efficient and capable smokehouses by hand that would yield some of the best smoked meats the eastern seaboard had to offer.

Ron would later call upon this same skill set and passion as a teen when he ran the kitchen and pit at a successful and well frequented BBQ restaurant in Dallas, Texas. Entering in a career in mechanics, Ron never ventured far from his true love of making people happy through their stomachs. Being approached by many friends and family members who enjoyed his cooking and catering over the years, they propositioned him with a challenge. Each of them had similar issues with local meat markets, from poor service to subpar quality in meats and flavoring, and would always tell him if he would do it, then he could do it better.

Relying on tried and proven techniques developed over the decades, he set out to make this dream a reality. Backed with a century's worth of history in family traditions and recipes, Hog Bottom Creek Custom Meats set out with one goal in mind: to begin with the highest quality of meats, blend it with the finest of spices and offer food which praises the tastes and inspires the soul.